The D/B method goes back to the company’s inception.  Our first project back in 1981 was a design/build request from what was then Times-Mirror Cable, now known as Cox Communications.  It was their first sound/video studio for local television programming located on the first floor of 30 Quaker Lane.

Our staff prides ourselves on our ability to perform in the best interest of the owner/contractor utilizing our Design/Build expertise. With our HVAC engineering background and over 30 years of industry experience, it’s a natural formula for a successful project.  Our slogan is “Doing the job right” and to do that we make sure we fully comprehend the client’s design requirements and intent. If it’s an existing facility, the solution may be as simple as upgrading existing equipment or as complex as a total re-design.  If it’s new construction, we will compile the design criteria requirements and create a cost effective and efficient HVAC system.  

We have also taken a “Value Engineering” approach for our clients who have had their projects engineered but can’t proceed due to delivery time or budget constraints.  The D/B method relies on a single point of responsibility (Contractor) which minimizes the risk to the owner, and also reduces costs (Engineering) and delivery schedules.

Our main goal is to have a fully satisfied customer upon project completion and to maintain a long term relationship with the best of service for years to come.